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be kind. be curious. be willing. 



This blog is designed to share those people, places and things that make us think and, perhaps even ‘unthink’ the way we view our world. It is an attempt to open hearts and minds so we may grow into our best selves and get the best from the world around us.

It is not an attempt to persuade you to a particular way of thinking or ‘unthinking,’  but to become a portal through which information flows. Ideally, it is here to shine a light on those things that make a mark on the world in an extraordinary or even ordinary way.

The ideas, concepts, or stories shared are purely intended as a guide to help traverse the murky and simultaneously beautiful river of life. The hope is that it promotes growth and opens us to views of the world we had not previously considered, thereby helping each of us become bigger in thought and better in deed.

For many of us, it is high time we ‘un-think’ some of those thoughts that have kept us stuck in a life we hardly recognize as our own.  Perhaps it’s time we reach beyond our self-imposed boundaries to create new edges so that we may know not only ourselves but the world. In the process, may we all fall more deeply in love. 


Photo by Ron Smith on Unsplash