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I went for a run today. It’s something I have taken up recently. It feels good. And after several days of wind and rain, it was a welcome relief to be outside.

There was a lot going on….neighbors cleaning up debris from the storm…kids playing…bikes trolling the boardwalk…other runners grabbing the chance to kick up endorphins …and an inordinate number of antique vehicles sprinkling the streets, their owners proudly displaying their treasure.

They sparkled. They shined. Their little black and white plates proudly announcing the year they were ‘born.’ It was obvious they were considered a thing of beauty to their owner. Well taken care of. Cherished. Protected. Loved. And most of them were the very same cars and trucks my friends and I rode around in during our teenage years. It was a sight to see…

 WHAT???????!!!!!(If I could make the sound of squealing brakes right now, I would!)

 Did I miss something? These beautiful, shiny, sparkling cars and trucks that I drove around in as a teenager are… ANTIQUES???

My mind started whirling. I won’t bore you with the trail I took – literally or figuratively – but I will say….antique vehicles? Me? Oh my. When did THAT happen? And how come nobody told me? Once I stopped reeling, I got it. Something really important. It goes like this.

Things that are cherished, protected and loved sparkle and shine, no matter how long they’ve been around.

If those ‘antique’ vehicles can sparkle and shine, then so can I. I can cherish the body I have been given, protect the peace I have so purposefully worked toward, and surround myself with love. I can be well taken care of…by others and myself. I can glisten and I can glow. And I can give the same to others. Nothing less will do.

That seems so simple. So beautiful. So easy. But it took a few well-placed automobiles to remind me of the road.

And the run? That’s simple too.

I picked up the pace.

And it was perfect. Just perfect.

Unthink this: What areas of your life could use polishing?