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I sit in my cousins’ home office amongst the trees, overlooking nature as far as my eye can see. Her house is like a tree house, perched on the edge of a forest just outside of DC in a little haven of rolling hills and horse farms. I have always loved to be here. It feels like home.

It is inauguration day today. Our 45th President of the United States has just been sworn in. I am not there. I have come to this peaceful retreat for another reason. I have put my life on hold, packed my bags and traveled purposefully to meet others here, others who share deep feelings about what’s to come and who are equally concerned. Together we will descend upon the Capitol. But that will come tomorrow.

I haven’t told many people about this decision. Not my family, few of my friends. It is not comfortable for me to do so. I feel a bit cowardly by that decision and it makes me sad. While many would applaud my efforts there are so many people that I love, respect and admire that would think less of me for it. I still don’t understand why I think that matters.

So today, I watch the inauguration from afar. I dip into social media and see the many conflicting statements from friends and family alike. And I wonder, how I often do, how we could see the world so differently; have such differing perspectives on the past and about what lies ahead; and, how we have become such a divided group of citizens.

So tomorrow I march.

I’ve heard people say that it’s an anti-Trump rally yet I don’t feel that way at all. I am not naïve to the fact that some feel anti-ish and have joined in the march to protest a person to whom they feel vehemently opposed. That is not why I am here yet I understand their concern.

For many of us we are ushering in a person with whom we have little in common; a classic narcissistic that has already broken step with many of our traditions and comforts. Although my experience has shown the last eight years to be filled with it, I won’t use this platform for hate nor will I march for it. I am here for different reasons.

I am going for my mom; a woman who worked hard to break the glass ceiling and make the world a different place for me and for generations to follow. I am going for my brother; a man who couldn’t get the healthcare he needed and died way too young as a result. I am going for my country; one that shouldn’t be this far behind in things that really matter – like each other. I am going for my planet; a little blue marble that deserves to be considered in all that we do and not exploited for the sake of a dollar.

Tomorrow I am going to raise my voice for equal rights, human rights, and nature’s rights. I will stand shoulder to shoulder with those that don’t like number 45 and pray that hate takes a back seat to what’s really at stake. I will pray for peace, dignity and grace to rule the day and I will do my utmost use my voice for good. And, at the end of the day, my hope is that this is just the beginning and that women will continue to rise up for what they believe is good and fair and just. This planet and its people are way too important to remain silent.

Unthink this: can women of all ages, races, religions come together and change the world?