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Predatory sexual behavior has gone on for way too long. Our history is fraught with it and, I am ashamed to say, it was so much the ‘norm’ I once had a sign in my office that read ‘sexual harassment will not be reported but will be graded.’ That in and of itself shows a level of complicity that causes me great embarrassment.

It wasn’t until the #metoo movement that we started to see real change against powerful men who preyed on women without their consent.  I am relieved to see the light finally shining on this devastating behavior. The trauma a woman experiences from being violated is life altering.

I have a friend who posted something today that struck a nerve. It was an article that put the photos of three public women front and center over a headline that read “The #MeToo Hypocrites who’ve gone silent for Joe Biden.”

And here it comes: women being singled out to take the blame for a man’s behavior.  Again. It bothered me. Badly.

I didn’t want to call him out on his wall so I’m posting it here. I just have to say:

  1. Why are you shining a light on women in this case? If you have a problem with Joe Biden’s behavior then you should be talking about Joe Biden. These women have had enough of being blamed over some man’s bad behavior.
  2. If you are going to talk about Joe Biden’s bad behavior then you need to talk about Donald Trump’s bad behavior. Clearly his predatory lifestyle did not thwart his ability to become President of the United States or your support of him.
  3. Please vet your sources. Always.

Truth be told, I would prefer that no person who has sexually violated a woman be elected as POTUS but it looks like I won’t have that choice.