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I cancelled my internet and cable television service today.

I can’t tell you how liberating it feels. Too much time wasted on electronics. Seems like, these days, I move from television to iphone to ipad to laptop and back again. An endless circle…a gerbal wheel of technology….a black hole.

My beloved books, which I still purchase, gather dust on my bedside table, my basket overflows. I hear them screaming at me….reeeeaaad meeeee! I pick up the ipad, hopeful as I swipe for the one book I have downloaded…I squirrel to facebook.

I don’t like this rhythm. It has consumed me.

I visualize a paintbrush in my hand, bold strokes of color flying across a canvas and my heart starts to beat – loudly. Could I possibly walk by my oversized television in my undersized living room to make it to my ‘creative place?’

Yes, I believe I can. Now. I took away my choice.

So as I face the weekend ahead, I feel confident that I will dust off a book, pick up a brush or, heaven help me, pen and paper. I might even visit that new yoga studio down the street. What I know for sure is that it is time to add more oompf to my creative life.

And when something comes on television that I really have to see, I’ll pay a visit to a friend – a long overdue visit most likely – and I’ll bring dinner or a nice bottle of wine to share and we will watch it together.

If I need the internet, I’ll go to one of those out of the way cafes or find the space in the course of my work day to tweet, post, scroll and squirrel. For now, I will make this work. I can find a place for all of it.

But one thing I know for sure. It won’t be at my house.

Unthink this: Where are your habits interfering with your passions?