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I saw a girl today. She had one side of her hair cut short….the other side, long. As I studied her profile I liked the short side better. Funny thing is, when she turned to the side with the long hair she looked like a different person.

No. Like totally different. Really.

It got me to thinking…

Was she only exhibiting on the outside what she was feeling on the inside? You know…


And, really, at some level…don’t we all experience that?

Here’s the thing. There are two parts to each of us. (Well, sometimes more but that would be another, more serious subject all together)

So I’m looking at this girl and I’m thinking that we should all be so bold as to live out loud ALL that we are. To not cover, conceal, or otherwise hide the deep faceted parts of ourselves. That the world is big enough for us….for all of us….for all that we have…short and long.

So I want to applaud her for her bravery…her courage. I want to tell her it’s okay to not be sure which she wants, to have two sides that she wants to show. We all fall prey to the human condition but too few of us are courageous enough to do both. I want to tell her that we all feel like that on the inside and to not hold her head down as she walks through life exposing her confusion and/or depth in the cut of her hair.

I want to tell her that I admire her and that she will figure it out. And that for today – to just go with it. She is perfect just the way she is – no matter which profile she chooses to show the world.

Unthink this: Are you showing the totality of yourself to the world?