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Ever noticed hat there are two kinds of people in the world?

(Ok. So THAT’s a loaded question!)

No really. These two kinds are distinct…(aren’t they always?) and the way they tend to view the world is sooooo incredibly different. It’s kinda’ like a default position…the knee jerk place that comes into play before (and sometimes still after) the brain kicks in….I call it ‘The Window’ and ‘The Mirror’

It goes like this.

Window people look outward first. They blame everyone and everything for the pain, injustice and discontent in their lives and ask themselves “who done it and what can they do to make it up to me so I don’t have to feel this?”

Mirror people look inward first. They accept responsibility for where they are in life and ask themselves “how did I get here and what can I do differently so it doesn’t happen again?”

Window people ask ‘why me?’  They tend to focus on the past and relate most things to what the last guy did.

Mirror people ask ‘why now?’ They tend to focus on the present and relate most things to choices they are making right now.

Window people think life is out to get them. They live from a sense of fear that the world is a bad place, filled with bad people, who want to do bad things to them.

Mirror people think they are here to get life. They live from a sense of wonder that the world is both a playground and a learning ground that is ripe, rich and rewarding even when it feels like it’s not.

Window people want to change others. One of their greatest desires is for others to be different than they are – so that their life will be better than it is.

Mirror people change themselves. One of their greatest desires is to recognize how they can be better at their own life so that they can make the world better than it is.

So, you gotta’ ask yourself….window or mirror?

And maybe grab that glass cleaner so you can see a little better.

Unthink this: Are you looking outside yourself to find the answer that’s staring you in the face?